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Why Choose Us ?

When you contact us, you will be speaking directly with one of the company’s owners who each have expert knowledge of all our tours. In Udaipur and also in Rajasthan. We are able to be flexible when regarding our tours, and can often tailor-made schedules for guests where it is logistically possible. We mostly operate in local areas we’re well-versed about. We know the landscape inside out and are acquainted with the varying climate circumstance that dominates in the area, the journey can go forward as organized, which is important component of a successful trip. We offer custom and varied range of trekking  and cycling tours in Udaipur and and horse safari tour packages suitable for every age group. During the tours you will come across various routes such as easy, moderate & tough. You will ride through the terrains with picturesque natural setting of the Rajasthan.   


We have tried to create a range of fantastic holidays that will include many pleasurable stops along the way. Each itinerary that we design includes the following 

Local culture -
The greatest appeal for many with cycle touring is the chance they offer to spend time getting to know a different culture, a different way of life. Whether you follow our tour itineraries in Rajasthan, you can have plenty of time to immerse yourself in the local culture.

Local Cuisine - 
Exploring Rajasthan cuisines is great fun. We make sure that the stopping points on our tours include some of the best spots in Rajasthan for great-tasting food. If you are cycling in the afternoon, a light lunch is recommended but there is nothing to stop you indulging your passion for fine food to the full in the evenings. 

History –
Our tours feature many places of historic interest, in both rural and urban settings. Getting to know a different culture is much easier when you have a sense of history in which to base your impressions of the different lifestyle and traditions you encounter on your journeys.

Fantastic Scenery –
One of the biggest attractions of our tour itineraries, at least as far as we can tell from the feedback we have received over the years; is the scenic routes that we have chosen from expansive views over verdant countryside to stunning cityscapes that evoke the rich history of Rajasthan